Who we are ?
TLS HEALTH Company is a French company and it is dedicated to Middle East region and African countries. It is looking to find solutions for "pharmaceutical lobbying" and the domination of the great pharmaceutical companies on drug markets.

TLS HEALTH Company is more specialized in pharmaceutical and medical consulting by helping our clients in product sourcing, marketing authorization and regulatory affairs. We are working mainly on export markets and our objective is to find the best European products with the best price for our customers in Middle East region and African countries..

Our value : High Quality Healthcare for everyone.
The problem today for Middle East and African countries is that the price of European drugs and medical products on these markets is very high and this is not due only to production cost but to "over commission" and the several intermediates between manufacturers and final consumers.

Company history
TSL HEALTH is created by LUDOVIC DUSSAULX (Pharmacist, PhD in analytical chemistry) who has more than twenty years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. TLS HEALTH staff is formed from several qualified people having a long experience in pharmaceutical industry and their main objective is to provide a good European product with a suitable price to the patients in Middle-East and Africa.

Today TLS-HEALTH has its own products and it is the exclusive representative for several European companies. We are also helping our partners in Middle East and Africa to produce local products with a high quality by providing our assistance in term of plant design, selection of production machines, formulation, raw material sourcing and analytical support.